Miroslav Semov was born in Dryanovo. His secondary education was graduated in "Maxim Raykovich" Secondary School, while he was a graduate of the Technical University of Gabrovo, specialty "Electronic Equipment". Later she specialized in the Higher Business School at UNWE Management and Marketing and in the "D. A. Tsenov "Svishtov" Financial Management ". He uses English, Russian and Serbo-Croatian languages. He has worked as a manager of "Industrial Electronics - Engineering" Ltd. Gabrovo, Director of METRO Veliko Tarnovo, Executive Director of "Yoveta Glass" EAD - Sofia, "Mehatronika" JSCo Gabrovo, development and consulting manager of the programs the pre-accession funds, as well as a consultant of municipal administrations and NGOs for the development and management of projects under national and international programs. Family with two children.
In the period 1999-2003 he is the mayor of Dryanovo Municipality. His mandate has been rated as one of the most successful in Bulgaria:
- 191 completed projects, 25 of which under EU pre-accession funds.
- Attracted almost 2, 5 times more funds compared to the budget.
- 6, 5 times increase in capital costs.
- More than 100 infrastructure projects worth more than BGN 10 million have been implemented, the largest of which are: construction and / or start of 6 water pipelines, consolidation of 5 major landslides, construction and development of a central part of the city, major overhaul of three squares and approaches to construction of a rehabilitation, integration and sports complex, overhaul of a large part of the road pavement in the Municipality and underground communications, major repairs, restoration and commissioning of 4 churches, construction of over 10 large sports grounds, shaped with sports playgrounds in park areas.
- 1034 new jobs created under temporary work programs and Beautiful Bulgaria project.
- Five new businesses with more than 300 staff. Eight companies have been restructured and expanded.
- For the period, the unemployment rate in the municipality is 24% decreased to 13.6%.
- Assisted approximately 1400 disadvantaged people.
- Increased more than twice touristitok.
- 31 meetings were held with ambassadors from other countries, resulting in joint projects.
- Signed cooperation agreements with cities from Israel, Greece, Italy.
Elected Mayor of Dryanovo Municipality with Decision № 158-MI / 01.11.2015 of Municipal Electoral Commission - Dryanovo.
Certificate № 1 / 01.11.2015 for the election of mayor of Dryanovo Municipality.