“Center for emergency medical assistance Gabrovo- branch Dryanovo” Ltd.

The Branch for emergency medical assistance (BEMA) in the town of Dryanovo is situated in the building of the polyclinic of Public hospital-Dryanovo- 164 “Shipka” Street and it serves the population of Dryanovo and all the populated areas in the municipality.  
In the BEMA-Dryanovo work 4 doctors and 7 medical specialists- paramedics, on 24 hours schedule as in each 12-hours shift there are 1 doctor and 1 or 2 paramedics with 1 or 2 ambulances.

BEMA-Dryanovo ensures medical assistance to:

  • Sick and injured persons in a condition which directly threatens their lives.
  • Sick and injured persons who ask for assistance in the emergency room.
  • Persons with mental derangement who are dangerous for themselves and/or the others.
  • Women who are delivering or having abortion.
  • Children 0-1 year of age.
  • Sick and injured persons for whom it is difficult to estimate the character and the heaviness of the illness.

Without considering the insurance statute, the sex, the age, the religious and the ethnical belonging, every person who somehow responds to the upper conditions can receive emergency medical assistance as follows:

  • Rendering a qualified emergency medical assistance at home, at the place of the accident as well as in the emergency room
  • The necessary emergency examinations according to the possibilities and the available equipment
  • Clinical and instrumental supervision of the patient until his/her hospitalization
  • Carrying out the necessary medicinal and specific resuscitation activities until his/her hospitalization
  • Rendering emergency medical assistance in case of disasters, catastrophes and crashes and working in cooperation with the police, the fire station and the civil protection
  • Emergency consultative assistance between the medical institutions and rendering ambulances to the regional consultants

Rendering ambulances for:

a)      patients who need emergency medical assistance

b)      transportation of blood, blood products, drugs, medical products and equipment between the medical institutions for rendering emergency medical assistance

c)      sick persons who need transportation from resuscitation team from/between medical institutions

d)     republican and regional consultants

e)      transportation of dead bodies, which are going to be subject to forensic medicine investigation, from the crime scene to the medical institution in the cases of accidental death in public places

·         blood tests for alcohol and other opiates for drivers

·         medical report for temporary inability to work


Phone: 112 

“Center for emergency medical assistance Gabrovo- branch Dryanovo” Ltd.