All day kindergarten “Detelina”- in the town of Dryanovo

In the distant 1949 All day kindergarten “Vela Piskova” opened its doors for the inquisitive kids. Many generations received knowledge, love and care in this sunny garden.

From 18th of September, 1991 the children`s institution has new name- All day kindergarten “Detelina”. In 1997 the three existing children institutions in the town (“Detelina”, “Iglika” and “Yspeh”) were combined in All day kindergarten “Detelina”- Dryanovo in three separate bases.
From February, 2014 “Sunny kids” group in the village of Tsareva Livada joined the big family of All day kindergarten “Detelina”.

In 2010 the municipality of Dryanovo accomplished an overhaul of the children institutions through a project for “Restoring, interior repairs, reconstruction of the heating and vertical planning of the bases “Detelina”, “Iglika” to All day kindergarten “Detelina” and Creche- in Dryanovo to Operational Programme Regional Development (OPRD). There were created excellent conditions for receiving good behavior, education and labor and meanwhile were made savings of the expenditures for heating and electric lighting with 25% which has positive impact on the environment.

220 kids are brought up in the garden, they are divided in three bases and nine groups. They are looked after from 21 pedagogical teachers, including director, assistant manager and music instructor. The non-pedagogical personnel is of 17 people. A nurse takes care of the kids` health.

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All day kindergarten “Detelina”- in the town of Dryanovo All day kindergarten “Detelina”- in the town of Dryanovo All day kindergarten “Detelina”- in the town of Dryanovo