"Bacho Kiro" Rest House – Dryanovo Monastery

It is situated 300 meters from the monastery "St. Archangel Mihail". An asphalt road leads to the rest house, there is a parking lot. A massive three-storey building with 75 beds in rooms with 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 beds with common toilets and bathrooms on a floor. Heating with electric stoves. On the ground floor in the rest house there is a dining room served by waiters /an air-conditioner/ and a tourist dining with own food /an wood stove and a small tourist kitchen/.

Nearby is "Bacho Kiro" cave and "Strinava" camp site. 
Tourist Objects Nearby: 
1. "Bacho Kiro" Cave at 200 m. 
2. The Monastery "St. Archangel Michael" at 300 m.
3. "Strinava" Camping Site at 300m.
4. Museum Exposition "Archeology and Revival" at 300m. 
5. Dryanovo Eco-trail at 500m. 
6. Eco-trail "Via Ferrata – Dryanovo Monastery" at 600m. 
7. The Town of Dryanovo at 7 km. 
8. The Town of Gabrovo at 15 km.
9. The Town of Veliko Tarnovo at 35 km. It works all the year long. 

There is wireless Internet.

For reservations:
Tourist Association Bacho Kiro
5370 Dryanovo 7 Stefan Stambolov str.
Mail Box 14 
tel: +359 676 72332;
mobile: +359 887 099161 
tel: +359 676 72106; 
mobile: +359 896 099272 
e-mail: bacho_kiro2@abv.bg