Bacho Kiro cave- Dryanovo monastery

The cave is one of the 100 national tourist sites under № 22. 
Bacho Kiro cave is located in the region of Dryanovo Monastery, in the picturesque canyon of Andaka river and Dryanovska river. It is 300 meters from the monastery "St.Arhangel Michael" in the vertical limestone cliff 25 meters high of 335 m above sea-level . It is the first electrified cave in Bulgaria, in 1938 by the tourists from Dryanovo, and it is named after the hero from the April Rebellion – Bacho Kiro in 1940. In 1962 the cave was officially declared a natural site. The cave is a complicated, four storey labyrinth of galleries and branches around 3600 m long. For the visitors an electrified part of about 700 m is provided. The cave was formed in three main directions – east, northeast and southeast under the force of underground floating rivers in heavy limestone rocks, formed at the bottom of a warm Cretaceous sea. The geomorphologic researches give reasons to be accepted that the formation continued for about 1 800 000 years. It is closely connected with the development of the valley of the river Dryanovska and its tributary Andaka River. In the course of time the rivers formed the cave galleries and halls, this happened within the Early Tertiary and Quaternary. This was the initial period of the cave formation. From there starts the secondary period, the painter comes – cavern waters. The tireless water drops, enriched with lime substance, gradually sculpted the beautiful cave forms within hundreds thousands of years – stalactites, stalagmites, stalactones, giving them various bizarre forms. The impressive lights offer to visitors the chance to see the strange forms of nature with names given by human imagination: The Rain Hall with the Stone flower, the Willows, the Lake of happiness and other; The Concert Hall is situated 18m above the Entrance; The Jelly-fish, the Bear’s slide, the Bear’s meadow, the Lonely stalactone; The Hall of Pop Hariton, the Elephant, the Cave’s ear, the Purgatory, the Throne, the Cave eagle,The Reception hall with hundreds of forms and formations. Bacho Kiro cave is an archeological site of national importance. The cave is one of the 100 national tourist sites under № 22. The cave has been managed by Tourist Association “Bacho Kiro” Dryanovo since it was opened for visitors for first time in 1938 and it is functioning as a tourist site since then.

The visitors of the cave are lead by guides.
It works every day in the week 
Winter season /01 November – 30 march/ from 10.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.
Summer season /01 April – 30 October/ from 9.00 a.m. till 6.00 p.m 

Children – 1.00 lv ; Adult – 2.00 lv short route / 25 min
Children – 2.00 lv ; Adult – 4.00 lv long route / 60 min 

For more information and reservations: 
Tourist Association “Bacho Kiro” 
5370 Dryanovo 7 Stefan Stambolov str.
Mail Box 14 
tel: +359 676 72332; 
mobile: +359 887 080993
e-mail: bacho_kiro2@abv.bg 

Bacho Kiro cave- Dryanovo monastery Bacho Kiro cave- Dryanovo monastery Bacho Kiro cave- Dryanovo monastery Bacho Kiro cave- Dryanovo monastery Bacho Kiro cave- Dryanovo monastery