Ethnographical collection "The rural style in Dryanovo region" – village of Zaya

The ethnographical collection is established in 2010 in the building of the local school at 50 m² area. 
The elements are arranged thematically: a dinning room, a fireplace, clothing, women crafts, men crafts, agriculture. 
There is a little part of objects from 50th years.
There is a little part of documentation preserved from the old school. 
There are 120 exhibits registered, but all of them are over 180 objects. 
All the objects are granted by the local people from the village of Zaya. 
The collection is opened and new materials could be taken. 

The more interesting of the objects is:
a threshing, a plow, "backel", fire irons, a sadzhak ( a metal stand for cooking or heating in a container), a paraliya (a small, round and short table), cloths (messaly), kneading trough, rocker arms, a pan, a pot, a mortar, tsedilka (a baby cradle), men and women clothing: t-shirts, a typical men hat (kalpak), a sash, pinafores; carders, distaffs, rods, spinning wheels, "vattals", "barduk", healds and etc. from the loom for weaving, a noose, pins, a sickle, a swap hook, a halter, shackles, a raker, pruning knives and many others. 

Ethnographical collection Ethnographical collection Ethnographical collection