Museum exposition "Citizen way of life from the end of XIX c. and the beginning of XX century"

The exposition is disposed in the Lafchieva House. It shows the arrangement of a wealthy family from Dryanovo from the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century. From the furniture and the household belongings you can clearly the mixture of local and South-European trends, typical for this period. The exponents of clothes and jewellery are from a great interest. The visitors can decipher "the code of the Dryanovo traditional clothing", which is marked only in the embroidery upon the edge of the dress. As it is known, after the fall under Turkish yoke, a number of boyar families had settled here. The after-effect of the Meddieval aristocratic woman decoration is visible in the traditional Dryanovo woman clothing, in the luxurious beautiful earrings, underchins, clasps, bracelets and other jewellry, even today. The home craft of weaving is shown, textiles and clothes, typical for the Dryanovo region. 

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Museum exposition Museum exposition Museum exposition